Advanced Sky Replacement (And RAW Files!)

Video 1 (Download)

Video 2 (Download)

Video 3 (Download)

Video 4 (Download)

Video 5 (Download)

Video 6 (Download)

Video 7 (Download)

Background Files For Download

You’re welcome to use these background raw files in any project, commercial or otherwise, as often as you like, with no restriction.  You don’t even need to give attribution.  You’ll probably want to build up your own library of backgrounds to use in your photos over time, but this is a nice starting place.  Most of these photos focus on the sky, but others are just blank scenes that would be easy to composite someone into.

Background 1 (Download)

Background 2 (Download)

Background 3 (Download)

Background 4 (Download)

Background 5 (Download)

Background 6 (Download)

Background 7 (Download)

Background 8 (Download)

Background 9 (Download)

Background 10 (Download)

Background 11 (Download)

Background 12 (Download)

Background 13 (Download)

Background 14 (Download)

Background 15 (Download)

Background 16 (Download)

Background 17 (Download)

Background 18 (Download)

Background 19 (Download)

Background 20 (Download)


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